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All the beaches in Sperlonga

From the most to the less popular. Here are the beaches you don’t want to miss in Sperlonga!

A sunbed, a book and a clean sea to dive in: the dream of the perfect relax comes true.
Well, in Sperlonga you can do it every day, from April to October. And this is the favorite activity of many tourists.

But if you really want to appreciate the beauty of Sperlonga beaches we suggest you to have a look around and move.

Sperlonga’s old village lies on a strip of Mount San Magno, a hinge between the two main beaches of the country: the East Beach and the West one.

The East Beach or “L’ Angolo”

As it is easy to guess this beach lies on the the East side,(we call it Spiaggia di Levante) of the village. The sun rises from this bay which extends from Sperlonga harbour to Tiberius grotto.
We also call it “Spiaggia dell’Angolo” – in dialect “Enghegliu” – from the Greek “Anghelos”. Some greek monks settled there, indeed, at the beginning of the V century.

This beach is very busy during summertime. It offers a wide choice of bathhouses, restaurants, pizzerias (some are open also for dinner), beach volleyball, beach tennis, pedalos, kayak, sup, surf and much more.

When you walk to Tiberius grotto you see the old Villa ruins rising from the beach and the sea. A small street leads here to the entrance of the National Archaeological Museum that gives acces to the grotto and the villa.

Click here to see the live webcam on teh East Beach (Sperlonga Turismo)

The West Beach

sperlonga spiaggia di ponente

That’s the beach that runs along the new village down, with its hotels, restaurants, bars, pizzerias and the seafront promenade.
It includes the Fontana, Canzatora and Salette districts. To the west, where the sun goes down at the end of the day, you can admire wonderful sunsets over the sea. The beach stretches beyond the village to the mouth of the Lake Lungo. Most of the bathhouses are in concession to the hotels, but passed the city center free and private beaches alternates. There are many sports and activities here, too, like beach volley, pedal boats and canoes.

Here the live webcam on the West Beach (Sperlonga Turismo)

The West Beach, beyond the mouth

The West beach, that extends from the lake mouth to Terracina, in the area called Bonifica, deserves a separate mention.
It is wild, with the dune behind it and a wooden path that connects the kiosks, all of them strictly in wood.
This area has developed recently and, although exposed to winds, it’s the refuge of locals. Here, in fact, you will breathe a quiet that you’ll hardly find on the coast closer to the town.
The kiosks offer delicious food and, in addition to the beach volleyball, there is a sailing school.
This beach is accessible from the West cycling path. By car follow the Via Flacca to Rome, turn left towards Lake Lago Lungo at firs traffic light.
We suggest, especially during periods of greater flow, to reach it on foot or by bike.


Among the most beautiful of the coast, Bazzano Beach extends from the back of the Tiberius grotto to the Capovento hill.
Its name comes from the Greek “Vazanos”, that stands for the place where boats were pulled dry. Here you find, in fact, an ancient Roman ramp.
You can reach Bazzano on foot from the old via Flacca, over the Emperor’s Villa. Here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf and the Roman ruins.
Bazzano Beach, nestled in nature, is less popular among tourists but chosen by the locals. The sand is white and fine. Here you can rent pedal boats and canoes and go visit the south coast, with its caves and the promontory overlooking a crystal ckear sea.
Bazzano is popular also for beach parties, aperitifs with djset and its delicious restaurants.

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Dolls Beach

This inlet is a true jewel of clear, fine sand, pebbles, and a caribbean looking sea, part of the Ulysses Coast Regional Park. The bay hosts a single private bathhouse, connects the Capovento cliff with Punta Cetarola, and extends for a few hundred meters.
You can reach it by car driving along the Via Flacca (from Sperlonga to Gaeta), or by sea.
The rocky coast between Bazzano and the Dolls Beach is among the most beautiful Sperlonga sites. You can visit for a dip in the turquoise sea, maybe on a boat tour, leaving from the harbour.
Beyond the bay, past Punta Cetarola (from the ancient Tonnara or Cetara), right before Itri Beach, there is the Dolls Cave, where you’ll see magnificent stalactites and stalagmites that look like figurines (hence the name of the Beach).

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P.S. Let’s clarify a couple of misunderstandings:
* The so-called “Three Hundred Steps” beach is not in Sperlonga but in Gaeta.
* The coast that links Sperlonga to Terracina, where several campsites and villages are located, belongs to Fondi, not Sperlonga.

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