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Hi, I’m Irene and this is the life journey that brought me here today. 

The exploration that takes place in our brain to learn a new language has fascinated me since the age of 10, when I decided that I would learn French and speak it like a native. I graduated in French language and literature. At the age of 25, I walked into a bookstore in Brussels. When the bookseller asked if I was from Paris I realized that I had fulfilled my dream.

When I teach Italian as a second language, I try to understand how my interlocutor’s brain works to help them build their personal journey in my native language. I am a lifelong learner. I am currently interested in neuroscience, coaching, and will soon become a Neuro Language Coach.

I also like to define myself as a “storyteller.” Since 2019, I have been promoting Italian products and companies by telling their stories, under one condition: I must fall in love with them. I owe gratitude to my mother, a hotelier and cook, for instilling in me a love for healthy and genuine Italian cuisine and its products. I am a communication consultant for food and wine promotion and tourism, and I founded

From the integration of teaching Italian and promoting the territory, “A Sip of Italy” was born. It’s a study holiday program in Italy that includes Italian lessons, food and wine experiences, and tourism.

In politics, from 2010 to 2018, I was in charge of institutional communication and spokesperson for the Municipality of Sperlonga. I handled communication for various candidates during electoral campaigns, including those for the City of Rome, the Province of Latina, the European Parliament, and the Lazio Region.

Until 2010, as a journalist for print and television, I covered news, politics, and cultural events in the province of Latina. I organized and hosted cultural events and festivals. I authored three publications: “Amyclae,” a historical novel; “The Path of Alleyways,” a volume/booklet with plaques on the history of Sperlonga; “Story of a Dream Drawn in the Sand,” a book on the history of agricultural production in Sperlonga.

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