Sperlonga Fishing Experience

Are you an old sea dog? Or just want to dip into a fishing experience in one of the most beautiful italian villages?
Luigi has inherited all the passion and knowledge form the old Sperlonga fishermen.
He goes out fishing everyday and will be happy to share all this with other friends.

Enjoy a real old fishing experience in Sperlonga

What are we going to do?

Sperlonga fishing experience

Get on Maria Consiglia boat, with the young captain and fisherman Luigi.
Experience the old Sperlonga fishing traditions on a typical fishing boat and learn the old fishermen’s techniques.
Then maybe you want to learn how to cook fish and have a great lunch, just ask and we’ll plan everything to fulfill your desires.
This experience is available from November to April and is subject to sea and weather conditions.

You can easily reach Sperlonga by train leaving from Rome or Naples in around 1h15