Pasta making tour

Try our italian pasta making class in the heart of the village
Learn how to cook pasta like an italian grandma
Meet friends and share the experience

Best memories are home made

Pasta making Sperlonga tagliatelle eggs

What are we going to do?

A walk in Sperlonga

Explore Sperlonga’s old village with a local writer and live the myth of Amyclae, the “silent town”.

Pasta making class

We’ll stay in the old town where at lunch and dinner time grandmas’ kitchens spread delicious smells all thorough the white alleys.
Silvia, the chef at Ricciola Saracena will teach you the secrets of the real italian pasta making.

Let’s taste your pasta!

Relax after class and have your pasta cooked by Silvia with a gourmet sauce.
Have lunch together and taste the delightful ancient roman wines.

Tour is from 10am to 2pm starting from piazza Europa.
You can easily reach Sperlonga by train leaving from Rome or Naples both in around 1h15.