The Ancient Roman Wine Tour

Please yourself like Roman Emperors
They used to drink the most delicious wines and eat the best local food

Available all year round

The wine tasting at Monti Cecubi

What are we going to do?

A walk in Sperlonga

Explore Sperlonga’s old village with a local writer and live the myth of Amyclae, the “silent town”.

A tour of the winery

Visit the winery up on the hill

Wine and food tasting

Savor the ancient Roman grapevine’s wines.
Have a rich tasting of traditional and local food like olive oil, olives, tomatoes, bread, cheese, sausages and more.

Plan your wine tour in Italy

Tour is from 10am to 2pm all year round (or 4pm to 7pm in summer) starting from piazza Europa.
You can easily reach Sperlonga by train leaving from Rome or Napoli

If you want to stay for one or more nights in Sperlonga
while you plan to make the wine tour
we will be happy to help you find the best solution.
Just fill the form and ask for information here.