The Old Roman Wine Tour Gift Card

Make an experiential gift: The Old Roman Wine Tour Gift Card is ready!

According to an Oxford University research experiential gifts foster stronger relationships than material gifts.

The Old Roman Wine Tour by Amyclae Experience

That’s why we have prepared a The Old Roman Wine Tour Gift Card.

The Old Roman Wine Tour lasts about 3h30, from 10am to 1.30pm and includes:
A walk in Sperlonga
A walk in the vineyards
A visit to the cellar where the old roman wine is made
A rich food and a 3 wines tasting from Monti cecubi winery

Contact us for more information:
Whatsapp +39 351 566 7067

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Sperlonga, day trip from Rome

Sperlonga, a day trip from Rome or Naples, is a perfect break in your italian journey

Sperlonga is the perfect place where to stop over and take a break during your trip along Italy.

One of the most beautiful villages in Italy lies right in the middle between the two big towns and only 120 kilometers from each.
Just a day trip from Rome or Naples.

It is very easy to make a little detour along the coast, slow down for a while, make a food and wine experience or take a cooking class, visit local farms, enjoy breathtaking views and a crystal clear sea.

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Sperlonga’s legend: the silent Amyclae

Founded by the greeks, the old town of Amyclae in Sperlonga has been holding a mystery for thousands years.

Would you like to look into Amyclae’s legend?
There are few clues but maybe we will find our way to reveal the secret of the silent town.

Amyclae was the name of a very old town set in today ‘south Latium, that mysteriously disappeared three thousands years ago.
We can’t really say exactly where this town was built. However many latin poets tell us that Amyclae lied in a hypothetical triangle among the towns of Sperlonga, Fondi and Terracina.

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